Innovays helps organizations achieve enterprise-wide total data quality by providing conventional data quality software and services around the world. We have built our reputation solving extremely tough data quality problems and are today seen as highly reliable, competent and qualitatively superior by our clients. Our powerful and accurate data quality solutions harness data secured from national postal authorities and other leading data sources.

In order to best understand our customers, we've worn the hats of direct marketers, operations managers, application engineers, etc. Above all else, we understand contact data. So when you use Innovays products and services, be assured you'll benefit from the experience we've gained creating one of the most respected data services resources in North America.

Our technology and best-practices integrate distributed information within the enterprise and make it actionable (enabling rich segmentation, data mining capabilities, and data triggered campaigns). It enables building multi-stage, multi-channel highly trackable campaigns to deliver measurable results (including increased response and conversion rates, improved customer satisfaction, and better customer loyalty). We supplement our technology driven services with cost effective and highly trained outsourced resources in both off-shore and on-shore models to provide our customers with best ROI. Innovays licenses the I-Tech market targeting system software and provides access to lists that have been “I-Teched”.

Innovays is a team committed to:

  • Providing the world's finest Industry, Title, and Revenue preference targeting system
  • Bringing together, with sensitivity, target groups and those with messages geared towards them.
  • Striving to improve by listening to those who use our work
  • Finding practical solutions to nearly impossible tasks

Taking pride in service

While we earned the fortune of having customers that span the spectrum from single-person real estate agencies to Fortune 500 financial institutions, our commitment to customer service transcends customer size. Both our self-serve and our enterprise products are designed and priced for accessibility. We'll work with you to find data solutions that fit your business needs.

Innovays offers Directory Assistance, Database Management Services, Mobility and Telecom, Data and Media, and IT Outsourcing services to the Telecommunications, Financial Services, Contact Center and Enterprise markets. Innvoays has developed our service offerings with and for leading edge companies like; GE, Catrus, O2 UK, IBM and many of the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) providers in the United States. Because we have a lifetime commitment to the service industry, we offer a degree of understanding unequaled by any other "data" or "polling" company. In fact, it is our mission to provide our customers a "one stop shop" for all of their Data Collection, Data Hygiene, Data Append and Delivery needs.

Great marketing starts with great data.

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