Generating sales leads - the right kind of leads, at the right price - means more than one-off tactics. Getting the most from your demand generation budget requires planning, testing, and a strategic approach to creative, offer and media. Plus the knowledge and experience to know what's working for other companies like yours.

At Innovays, we've specialized in turnkey, integrated demand generation strategies for high-tech companies. Whether you need that one killer campaign, or a soup-to-nuts, top-to-bottom demand generation strategy, we'll design and deploy the precise mix of media, offer, and creative to get the results you need.


Revenue Focused Demand Generation Service

Enterprise Search

Incorporate all aspects of information retrieval management to identify and enable content across the enterprise

Business Intelligence

Enhance decision-making with more accurate, insightful, complete data and on-demand reporting capabilities

Project Management

Ensure project outcome is within defined constraints (scope, time, cost, quality) and meets objectives

Business Process Management

Transform processes to create new knowledge value, comply with new regulations and innovate to strategically stay ahead

Data Intelligence and Governance

Address all enterprise data life-cycle needs cleansing, appending, migration, integration, security and more

Systems Integration

Implement technology's best by integrating it with existing information infrastructure - enterprise or SaaS

Demand Generation Strategies

Our demand generation services solve the challenge presented by traditional lead generation, where raw, unqualified leads are passed to Sales, resulting in lost productivity, missed opportunities and weak sales pipelines.

  • Systematic Lead Nurturing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Contact History Profiling
  • Data Hygiene
  • Website Tracking Lead Management
  • Best Practices
  • Automated Demand Generation
  • Marketing Automation CRM Integration
  • Intelligent Landing Pages
  • Event Management
  • Lead Scoring Unified Reporting
  • Survey Management
  • Best Practices Direct Mail Tracking

Great marketing starts with great data.

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