Data Cleansing

We de-dupe data to remove duplicates and cleanse data to correct other inconsistencies

Data Migration & Integration

We ensure the integrity of data management process - completely and forthrightly

Data Security

We refine security policies - the right data to the right user, every time

Data cleansing is key to ensuring data quality. Your organization's name and address data is constantly decaying, so data correct when captured may no longer be correct now. Innovays enhances your data assets by profiling and cleaning data, by migrating and consolidating data and by securing and governing data. Innovays offers a complete portfolio of services to manage data as a valuable enterprise asset. Our expertise is in the management of the full data lifecycle including strategy, development and deployment of the enterprise information infrastructure, associated business processes and compliance-driven data governance.


Looking for a solution for ongoing Data Maintenance?

Innovays provides solutions as well as servicecs to address your data management requirements. Innovays solutions are built on a range of flexible tools and services designed to meet the specific data quality requirements of your business.


Data Profiling

Analyse the quality of your data to discover inconsistencies and identify cleaning actions.


Data Cleaning

Modify, harmonize and/or format data values to meet business rules and industry standards.


Data Matching

Identify and/or remove duplicate company and contact data.


Data Migration

Map and consolidate data from different sources

Effective techniques to dramatically improve profitability

We manage data for many clients who supply names to the direct-marketing industry, offering complete peace of mind and help in maximising the revenue from a client database.


Serving the list industry efficiently is a full time role; we will provide counts and list extractions within 24 hrs, usually less. This fast turnaround means that the brokers we work with are confident in recommending the lists we manage, often using our data in preference to others because of our service levels.

  • Accurate Addresses
  • Improves data assets - Enhancement
  • Removes unwanted data/Suppression
  • Removes Duplicates/Deduplication
  • Uploads your own customer file/Unique Suppression Check your own file against it i.e. remove all existing customers

Data management Solutions

Data management requires a single and accurate view of data and data cleansing enables this. Our services extract, deduplicate, standardize, analyze, validate and enrich data. Our cleansing approach is driven by our experience in business rules management and in data governance compliancy. Innovays migrates and integrates your data assets across a variety of functional areas - financials, ERP, CRM, supply chain, e-commerce, and outsourced operations. We leverage web services to deliver real-time business intelligence and process management.

  • Remove any Existing Duplicates
  • Match Phonetic, Miskeyed, Abbreviated Data
  • Master Data Management Prevent the Addition of Duplicate Records
  • Merge / Purge, Intelligent Lookup
  • Automatically Case Names & Addresses
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Recovery, Relocate Data Elements to Correct Fields
  • On Demand Cleansing, Real-Time or Batch
  • Business-Rule Driven Data Governance

Great marketing starts with great data.

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