Traditional data cleansing procedures may inspect, clean, de-duplicate and reformat data. While this enhances data quality and orderliness, underlying inaccuracies remain. Data Rejuvenation takes data cleansing to the next level. It uses data validation techniques to identify and update incorrect phone, e-mail, and address for business contacts. During the procedure new data such as industry, SIC code and revenue may also be integrated.

Innovays closely works with your sales and marketing organization to achieve your data quality objectives. We can help you with data segmentation and analysis based on industry, state, SIC code, revenue and profit. Patterns identified during analysis will help you gain invaluable insight into your market and guide your sales and marketing efforts.


Gone Away Suppression

Remove non-responders from your mailings

Telephone Appending

Find telephone numbers for your customers

Postcode Lookup

Capture address details quicker

PAF Cleansing

Improve your data's address quality

Clean Data Means Quantifiable Returns

Data Warehousing for CRM provides incredible benefits and quantifiable returns on investment for those companies savvy enough to take on such initiatives. After all, knowing more about your customers across all aspects of their interactions with your organization, will not only help you understand and improve your relationships with them, but also allows you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your organization as a whole.


Our data services include:

  • Day-to-day management and upkeep of databases
  • List creation for campaigns
  • Conversion of legacy or otherwise unusable data into marketing lists
  • Data cleansing, de-duplication, and standardization
  • Data Rejuvenation
  • CRM data cleansing for applications such as

Great marketing starts with great data.

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