Data Governance is becoming more and more crucial to organizations in order to consolidate and saveguard the investments made in the data by an organization as a whole. It will usually be done using an on-going program which will be there to define how to deal with data related topics in a common way within the organization and to provide support to the data stakeholders.

A Data Governance program can take many forms depending on the needs and the current situation within your organization, it can focus on topics like data definition and standards, data quality, privacy and security, data architecture and integration, data warehousing and management alignment. Depending on the level of maturity of your organization on those topics, the data governance program will help you to coordinate the efforts of the existing programs or help you to setup new programs in order to deal with those topics.


Master Data Management (MDM)


MDM is a collection of practices and technologies to create, maintain and distribute a consistent, accurate, enterprise-wide view of master data. Usually this involves:

  • Cleansing & integrating data
  • Repository to store data
  • Merge / Purge, Intelligent Lookup
  • Application/ workflow to support manual review, update and approval
  • Mechanism to publish/ synchronize master data with subscribing applications

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Data Analysis in Business Intelligence

Data Analysis is a huge part of Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence programs are designed to collect the past as well as the present data of an organization. Modern Business Intelligence systems are designed to analyze and cross analyze large amounts of unstructured data. This can range from production metrics to customer attrition figures.

Data Integration

Count on accurate, timely and trusted information with enterprise-class data integration.

Data Quality

Ensure that your data is correct, consistent and complete by monitoring, analyzing and reporting on information across your organization. With powerful data profiling, parsing, cleansing, standardization, and matching capabilities, you can have confidence in your data and the decisions you make based on it.


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