Good Business Decisions Are Based on Accurate Data

Our data cleansing services ensure that data within ERP or CRM silos, Data Marts or Legacy Systems is accurate and complete across the enterprise. Our services leverage our know-how in business rules mapping, process management and the latest innovations in fuzzy matching logic and phonetic algorithms. Our tools enable the highest level of data quality and effective data integration – critical in ensuring a single view of the information.

Data Quality Competencies

We find duplicate records even if phonetic variations or typing errors exist. We remove undetected matches, independent of any type of data. We script cleansing rules and score threshold criteria. We identify “best bet” among duplicates and combine any other relevant data – so nothing is lost. We output the data to any common file formats. We enrich data. We set business process rule standards. We automate data quality, batch or real-time.


Customer Data fit for Business use

Reducing waste

Preventing unwanted and undeliverable mail whilst avoiding unproductive data scrap and re-work.

Increasing insight

When you knew your customers better through master data management and single customer view initiatives you will better serve your clients and win more share of their spend.

Email Verification Service

If you are using an email marketing tool you're probably paying per send. If so, every email that fails to deliver is costing you money.

The Innovays Edge

Our services deliver data across the enterprise that can be trusted - it is accurate, consistent and consolidated. Our data quality tools have been deployed in fundraising, marketing, publishing, healthcare, CRM migration, and international trade intelligence. Data management requires a single and accurate view of data and data cleansing enables this. Our services extract, deduplicate, standardize, analyze, validate and enrich data. Our cleansing approach is driven by our experience in business rules management and in data governance compliancy.

  • Remove any Existing Duplicates
  • Match Phonetic, Miskeyed, abbreviated Data
  • Prevent the Addition of Duplicate Records
  • Data cleansing, de-duplication, and standardization
  • Automatically Case Names & Addresses
  • Relocate Data Elements to Correct Fields
  • On Demand Cleansing, Real - Time or Batch
  • Merge/Purge, Intelligent Lookup
  • Data Enrichment
  • Business-Rule Driven Data Governance

Address cleaning eliminates duplicate records, undeliverables and goneaways to ensure your mail is always correctly addressed, so you:

  • Reduce production and postage costs
  • Cut the cost of handling postal returns
  • Increase response rates
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty

We develop and distribute data quality standard software solutions for the highest demands. In this respect, our range of products includes all the important data quality functions. The Customer Data Quality Process (CDQ) in large databases is a particular area of focus. An important goal is to implement the Single View of Customer in the enterprise.


Great marketing starts with great data.

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