Data Discovery

See the difference an automated data discovery tool can make for your business

Data Monitoring

Get real-time insight into data quality, quickly and easily

Data Governance

Maintain constant control of your data as your business grows, changes and evolves

We will analyse your data, identify the key data fields, data characteristics and attribute values that are required to support your campaigns, and help you to consolidate your data into one common data format.

Using a combination of automated discovery and interactive analysis processes, our Data Explorer defines the content, structure, and quality of highly complex data structures. Our Data Explorer alerts you to hidden inconsistencies and incompatibilities between data sources and target applications, and it helps you communicate what you've discovered about the data with others in your organization, Profile, discover and understand the current state of data to reveal anomalies and problems that require immediate attention before data migration begins.


Our marketing database service can help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers, and make your database and direct-marketing efforts more productive.

Data Cleansing

Clean your customer file by correcting wrong addresses, phone numbers and more

Data Append

Append our information to your file and see what your customers have in common

Upsells and Cross-Sells

Help you identify opportunities for cross-selling or up-selling

Market Segmentation

Segment your customers according to demographics and lifestyles


Three-Dimensional Data Profiling

  • Column profiling analyzes all the values within each column or attribute and discovers metadata and content quality problems
  • Single-table structural profiling examines each attribute/column in relation to every other attribute/column within a table, looking for dependency relationships and uncovering functional dependencies, primary keys, and data structure quality problems
  • Cross-table structural profiling compares data between tables, determining which attributes contain overlapping or identical sets of values, and it discovers duplicate data across systems; foreign keys, synonyms, and homonyms; and values corrupting data integrity.

Great marketing starts with great data.

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